Trade discount is only available to Tradespeople and their partners. NO EXCEPTIONS. See the bottom of this page for a list of who is entitled to trade discount.

Yard Bulk

See Yard bulk page for trade discounts

Yard Other

Pea Straw, Barley Straw & Lucerne (bales and bags): 7.5%
All timber products (not including sleepers): 7.5%
Cement (See cement page for discounts)
Cement Mix Products (4:2:1, Mortar Mix etc): 7.5%
Concrete Reinforcing: 7.5%


Hardware: 7.5%
Trade Store Hardware: 7.5%
Pond Pumps: 10%


Water Tanks and pumps: 5%
13mm Pressure Compensating Dripline x 100m: $85.00
25 mm Blue Line Pressure Poly x 25m: $39.95
90mm PVC Pipe x 6m: $19.95
All other Irrigation: 7.5%


Plants: 25%
Seedlings: 10%


Yard Pavers: NO DISCOUNT
Direct delivery pavers: Discount varies – check with yard staff


25% off all SHIPPING CONTAINER pots (mass displayed pots = 10 or more of exact same size, colour & style) Refer to Pot Manager or Duty Manager.
All other pots: 7.5%

Trade Discount Eligibility

Gardeners, Landscapers, Garden Designers, Garden Maintenance Workers & Horticulture / Landscaping students & teaching staff all qualify for general discounts.

Builders & Plumbers qualify for discount on sand, soil, yard stock & irrigation only. (When purchasing plants in a bulk order normal trade applies to the nursery section)

Trade customers may be entitled to a further discount on large purchases (over $2000). In this case refer to the area manager.

Trade Customers must produce a BAAG Trade Card, have a cheque book with the name of a gardening business or be wearing a landscaping / gardening uniform. If not, they can click here to apply for a discount card. If you have any doubts about eligibility always refer to a manager.

Retail Discounts

Discounts should never be offered to retail customers. If they ask, refer to this list to see if they qualify.


Retaining Wall orders over $600 and Paving orders over $1000 – normal paving trade discount. ONLY IF THE CUSTOMER ASKS.

Landscape Supplies:

ALL requests for discounts on Landscape Supplies products must be referred to Yard staff. No exceptions.


If a plant purchase exceeds $500, a discount of 10% of the purchase price may be given, for over $1000, 15% and for over $2500, 20%ONLY IF THE CUSTOMER ASKS


If an irrigation purchase exceeds $500, a discount of 7.5% of the purchase price may be given ONLY IF THE CUSTOMER ASKS. There is no discount on controllers, tanks or tank pumps or the portion of the sale that relates to these items.

Pots, Gifts, Manufactured Ornaments:

Over $500, a discount of 10% of the purchase price may be given ONLY IF THE CUSTOMER ASKS.There is no discount on delivery charges.

Books: No trade discount on books. Staff discount is 40% off (non-reduced) ticketed prices of books.

Preserving Equipment, Jars, Lids, Dehydrators, Fowlers Vacola sets: No Trade discount, Staff discount is 20%

Hardware & Tradestore:

On purchases over $500 a discount of 7.5% may be given ONLY IF THE CUSTOMER ASKS.

Gallery, Fountains, Sculpture:

NO DISCOUNTS – except LIMESTONE ONLY Purchase over $100 – 10% discount

Instant Turf:

Over 100 Rolls – Trade Discount (see turf book) ONLY IF THE CUSTOMER ASKS.

We do not give retail discounts on cement products, sleeper & paver cutting, pavers from the yard, irrigation controllers, water tanks or tank pumps.

Who else is entitled to a discount?

BAAG Email Garden Club:

5% discount ON PLANTS ONLY on production of their membership card. Also regular monthly specials, Click here for the current Garden Club specials

Gardening Clubs and Other Organisations

Association of Sculptors Victoia, Australian Plants Society Yarra Yarra, Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association, Doncaster Gardening Club, Friends of Heide, Friends of SGA (FOSGA), Garden Planner app users, Ivanhoe Gardening Club, Kew Gardening Club, Members of Craft Victoria, Mill Park Gardening Club, Nillumbik Gardening Club, PBS FM subscribers, Permaculture Australia Members, Rotarians for Bees, Royal Botanic Gardens, Royal Horticultural Society of Victoria, RRR FM subscribers, St Kilda Community Gardens Club

Plants: 10%
All other items: 5%

Senior Citizens


Burnley Horticultural students:

Trade discount (must show current ID card).

Permablitz hosts:

15%: Plants
7.5%: All other products, same exclusions as consultancy/classes etc. discount vouchers
Must bring plan and guide