Garden Edging

All products on this page are to be rung up as YARD OTHER unless otherwise noted

Australian Hardwood Edging (replacement for Jarrah Edging)
4.2m x 75mm x 10mm
$15.95 per Length

Plastic Edging Brown
4.2m x 75mm x 8mm
$24.95 per Length

Treated Pine Edging
3.6m x 75mm x 25mm
$9.60 per Length

Edging Clips $1.70 TRADE STORE

Edging Joiners $3.40 TRADE STORE

Link Edge 3m x 100mm
$45.95 per Length

Link Edge 3m x 75mm
$39.95 per Length

Link Edge 3m x 50mm
$34.95 per Length

Link Edge 300mm Edge Spikes $1.90

Link Edge joiners (both sizes) $0.90

Link Edge Corners $2.00

Link Edge Spike guiders $0.90

Link Edge 75mm
Circle 950mm diameter


Link Edge 75mm
Circle 630mm diameter


FormBoss metal garden edging
Each length of edging comes with a connector plate & 2 screws
Each spike comes with a screw

Corten 2.4m x 390mm

Corten 2.4m x 230mm

Corten 2.4m x 100mm

Corten 2.4 x 150mm

Galvanised 2.4m x 100mm

300mm Spike Tapered

400mm Spike Tapered

400mm Spike Angled

600mm Spike Angled

800mm Spike Angled